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Monday, 2 November 2009

Blogging at Breakfast

Blogging for Scrapbookers - Day One

Today is day one of Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers and I am going for the "little or no time" quick option... (you'll know what I'll mean if you are taking the course!)

I want to make sure I keep up with this class and so, for me, I think that is going to mean 'blogging at breakfast'.

I get up at 7am-ish every day (although right now its 6am-ish as I deliberately haven't put my watch back so I get the extra hour every day which allows me to get more done! - its psychological but it works!)

My days are pretty full and finding time to do anything is hard at the moment; but if I have the intention, I also need to find the time and so blogging while I eat my toast and drink my morning cuppa seems like a good routine at the moment.

I also need to set realistic and achievable goals (trying to be a good student!), so here we go...

  1. To maintain and update the blog as regularly as possible,

  2. ...with useful news, information and inspiration

  3. ...which is fun to read.

  4. To make blogging

  5. ...and daily life journaling/scrapbooking part of my life, in someway.

If you are also taking Shimelle's Blogging class and have popped over to read my blog... thanks so much for taking the time... its much appreciated. I am really looking forward to reading all your blogs in the coming weeks too!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Blog Mission #1

OK I have started on the road to blogdom with Shimelle and have decided that my blog needs to be much prettier! I like the three columns but need to make me funkier...

So my "Blog To Do List..." looks like this so far:-

1. Make Blog Prettier

I'm sure this will get longer....

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Drawing a line...

Ok so I have just signed for Shimelle's new online scrapbooking class for bloggers and decided to breathe new life into this old blog.

I started it almost two years ago, after already running another for two years before that, and then never really had the time to keep it up but I miss the opportunity of using the blog facilities!

Just read back through the old posts (all four of them LOL) and laughed when I saw the last post from Feb 2008 said "we are thinking of doing shows..." I found it funny as in the 18 months since that post we have done 8 shows as well as running the online store full time. So perhaps that's why THAT was my last post! Soon as we decided to do it, we did it and had time for not a lot else!

Anyway, so see that below... that big fat line..? That's a line drawn under the old blog and I'm getting ready to start anew... with Shimelle's help of course!

~~~~~THE BIG FAT LINE!~~~~~